The large city-state that lies on the eastern side of Ansanada Bay. It is most noted for being the home of The Academy, the only school dedicated to teaching the arcane arts. The presence of the Academy largely influences Artaran culture and economy, to the point where magic has become almost commonplace.

Artara trades first and foremost in magical goods and textiles (most notably Manaweave), though it does produce some fruits and wines from more outlying territories. It trades much with the city Felarin, and the two states keep a very strong bond.

Artara rests opposite Gallovia, and the proximity of these two countries with such opposing ideals leads to diplomatic tension. There are constantly border squabbles and naval encounters between the two, and the citizens hate each other with a passion. However, Artara keeps good relations with most other city states, especially the island of [[Felarin].

Artara is ruled by a Panarch, though she generally does whatever the Archmage of the Academy tells her, leading many to believe that the Academy is the true ruler of the state.


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