Before the dawn of the current age, there were the Charr. A Charr stands approximately 6’5” – 7” tall, and weighing between 220 and 250lbs, with females being slightly shorter and lighter. Generally feline in appearance, but bipedal; their skin is covered in hair or fur that is approximately 1” thick. Coloration varies from silvery white all the way to jet black. Adulthood is reached at 25, mature/middle aged adult by 60 and old by 80, with most Charr not living much longer than 100 years.

These creatures were masters of invention, with towering cities that pumped steam and smoke into the air from their island home. Originally the size of Madagascar, The island of the Charr was covered in iron and billowing smoke. After over extending themselves on their island home; the Charr moved to establish themselves on the mainland.

Nearly then entire Charr nation invaded during these first years of conquest, and with technology far superior to anything that the Empire had at this time; they we victorious battle after battle. However, the united forces of the human Empire was not to be underestimated, and they soon defeated the Charr, and drove them back to their island home.

In a massive defeat, the humans discovered the core of the Charr capital and ignited their stores of gunpowder and fuel for their factories; destroying the island and sinking it into the sea.

What happened next is shrouded in mystery, but what is known is that soon after the fall of the Charr nation there was little heard of or any sightings of any remaining Charr. It was heard that a warband still survived, but that is not certain.

However, during the Vampire Wars, the Charr resurfaced, they were not the Charr of old but instead were monstrous abominations of muscle-the Noctarri. They vampires had tortured and mutated the Charr with bloody concoctions and bred an army of destruction.

When the vampires were defeated; so were the Charr: however they were now called Noctal; because of their time under the vampires as slaves. No one knows where the slaves went, and during the routs at the vampire strong holds, most of the Noctal were killed, mistaken as Noctarri.

Rumors circulate as to where they went, but it is uncertain, many say that they died out all together.


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