Laradal Islands

An archipelago in the northeastern sea. There are five islands, from largest to smallest: Mannor, Ulswick, Groates, Orkmont, Tyde, and Hallan.

They are a territory under the control of Brechin, and have a Brechin governor seated in the town Gullston. Brechin enforces its law with an iron fist, garrisoning soldiers in several locations on each island. Approximately fifteen years before the start of the campaign, there was an attempted uprising of the Laradal people which was swiftly and bloodily beaten down by the city-state’s forces, a fact that neither the Brechins or the natives of the islands have forgotten.

The land is best suited to farming and herding sheep. The islands have a strong fishing trade as well. Wealth on the islands is mostly measured in property and land rather than coin, leading to a strong feudal structure. Lords, or “Lairds” in the islands hold land, then allow herders and farmers to work and live on the land, getting a small cut of the profits of their labors.

There is very little magic on the islands, though there are a few wandering worshipers of the Drowned God who gain some minor water manipulation.

Laradal Islands

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